Northumberland Park Station

Case Study

The Requirement



The July 2011 London and South East Route Utilisation Strategy (L&SE RUS) identified future overcrowding to be an issue on the West Anglia Route, with a capacity shortfall of 7,400 passengers north of Tottenham Hale in the busiest peak hour. This project was formed to address this issue. This developed a scheme targeted at increasing the frequency of Lea Valley line services to Stratford. The strategic plan was to increase capacity on the West Anglia Route by providing an additional pair of tracks from the Coppermill Junction northwards towards Broxbourne. This scheme was to implement as the first part of this and is intended to address the medium-term demand arising from industrial and residential developments in the vicinity of Lea Bridge, Tottenham Hale, Northumberland Park and Meridian Water stations with a view of achieving a standard 4 trains per hour service between Stratford and Meridian Water Stations.


Civils & Fencing



The Solution

Here is how we helped...

From the initial enquiry, the VSL project team liaised with SSE representatives to gain an understanding of their full requirements for perfect the solution. Following the initial meeting our Project Management team carried out a full survey on site to ensure we were able to accurately create a proposal and project plan to meet the timescales set by Network Rail.

Following the contract award, we deployed our team of specialist engineers and dedicated Project Manager to site to fulfil the works on time and on budget. This has led to VSL being appointed for the next stage of the project, Tottenham Hale Station.

Additional information

A closer look

The scope of work was to provide SISS design, installation and commissioning for platforms 2, 3 and 4 of Northumberland Park station. The scope of works includes:


Relocation of the existing Customer Information displays
Provision of additional Customer Information displays


Renewal of Passenger Help Points
Provision of a Local Area Network (LAN) using CAT6 structured cabling
Provision of Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System


Renewal of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system
Renewal of Public Address (PA) system
Provision of Roaming Public Address (RPA) system

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