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April 26, 2023



We are in an energy crisis. We have been plunged into absolute chaos by a perfect storm of forces, and no one is safe from the unaffordable bills that will continue to rise. Gas prices in the UK have more than quadrupled over the last year, so how do we take control of our energy bills?

Installing solar panels and battery storage

Installing solar panels to catch and use your own energy is one of the most promising forms of renewable energy. It’s clean, sustainable, doesn’t produce any emissions and most importantly is an infinite source of free energy; unlike other sources like coal, gas and petrol which will eventually run out.

Sunlight produces energy in the form of light and heat and after travelling millions of miles, it will land on your solar panels and be converted into electricity. After the initial investment of solar panels, your energy bills will be slashed monthly, giving you more pocket money to spend on the whatever you want and what’s more, your system will eventually start to make you money!

You can get started in just seven simple steps… So why not?

Step one: 10 seconds of your time

Complete our initial enquiry form in just 10 seconds. (You don’t even have to leave the sofa!) You can do it here

Step two: choose what works for you

Let us work around your busy schedule. Find time for a 30 minute chat and cuppa with our tech experts, Richard and Johny, who can talk you through the best system for you. They can either do this virtually or face to face, and will explain the benefits of all our options, and which would be best for your situation and lifestyle.

Step three: site survey

Once you’re happy with your decision, Fred our Renewables Manager will then do a technical solar survey to make sure the installation all goes smoothly. This is a quick visit to your home and can again be scheduled around you.

Step four: technical compliance works

We’re really proud to be one of the few solar installers that are completely insured and compliant, registered with all the necessary competent bodies (HIES, MCS & NICEIC). To comply with their standards, we need to do a few checks to make sure you are covered.  Information delivered from survey and sale allows us to complete the compliance work as set out by the MCS (microgeneration certification scheme). The compliance works are as follows:

  • Roof structural report
  • Confirmation of energy savings displayed to you on and online report,
  •  CAD design
  • HEIS registration (which means you are fully protected through the sale)
  • The scaffold design, which will be bespoke to your home
  • Material orders made – allowing your installation to go ahead
  • DNO application
  • Book in your installation date

Step five: Installation & Commissioning

Installation day woop! Yep! That’s right “day” not plural! Your solar panels can be installed in just one day depending on your roof type and surrounding home factors, meaning you could be putting your washing on tonight using energy stored in your battery(/ies) harvested by your new solar panels – giving you a head start on those pesky energy bills.

Step six: Final paperwork

Once we have completed the install of the product our job doesn’t stop there. We now need to complete all your compliance paperwork, tell the governing bodies that we have completed the installation, register for the building notice on your property, collect all test certificates, put together and forward it all you – but don’t worry all you need to do is acknowledge that you have received it.

You can now go to your energy supplier let them know about the install and (if appropriate) change your tariff to force charge your batteries and claim the smart export guarantee for what you send back to the grid.

Step seven: aftercare

Your journey with us doesn’t end once your smart solar panels are up on your roof and are the envy of your neighbours. We provide aftercare as standard, and the team will be on hand for any of your questions. We will continue to track your usage after installation, making sure your system is set up to best suit your needs; this is not a fit-and-forget product.

You can also track exactly how much energy you are creating yourself and pulling from the grid with the manufacturer’s app, and a live stream means you can start to become efficient with your energy, using it and storing it in a way that will maximise your energy savings. With certain tariffs you can even start selling energy back to the grid, meaning you can stick the kettle on when you get in from work without worrying it’ll cost you an arm and a leg!

For information on how to begin your solar journey and cut your energy bills today, contact the team on 01302 965325.

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