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The Solar Pod combines solar PV, battery storage, a back up generator and a 400 litre fuel tank in a safe and secure self-contained unit. Perfect for medium sized sites, one Solar Pod can power as many as 5 cabins from a single Solar Pod. 

Once connected by our trained engineers, powering the site is autonomous. The site is powered by solar – battery – generator or a combination of these depending on the load demand. The solar element will either power the site directly, or will assist by charging the battery storage.


Dimensions & Weight

Length (mm): 3330 (closed)
Length (mm): 6530 (open)
Width (mm): 2745
Height (mm): 2700
Weight (kg): 4280 (fully fuelled)
Additional information

A closer look


Solar PV panels
Plug and play
Large fuel tank
Dial in diagnostics from phone or laptop


Heavy duty locks
Steel construction


Solar hybrid technology for sustainable free energy
Automatic backup generator with start/stop technology
Lower fuel consumption
Low CO2 emissions
Super silent generator


Flat sided steel
Retractable panels


Forklift pockets
Bottom lifting
VSL Hire Extra


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