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The award-winning Prolectric ProLightis the only mobile solar lighting tower in the UK that operates reliably all year round, even in challenging winter conditions. The ProLight is the cost-saving alternative to diesel-generator tower lights that’s easy to set up – and forget. The ProLight never needs to be refuelled, so you save money and manpower, while it continues to provide powerful light with no noise, polluting emissions, or danger of spills. Available for hire or purchase.


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The Prolectric ProLight offers a high-performance, low operating-cost alternative to diesel generator lighting. The trailer-mounted battery has three times the capacity of any other temporary solar trailer light on the market, so that even on winter days with 16 hours of darkness, the unit operates consistently and reliably

Coverage: 550m2
Lux Level Min 20
Lumens: 10,000 - 40,000
Power Unit: Trailer Mounted
Battery Unit: Heavy duty, deep cycle
Solar Panels 4 x 380W foldable
Floodlights: 4 x LED
Mast: 7.5m teloscopic
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Remote Control & Monitoring

Every ProLight is fitted with a micro-controller and tracking facility, so it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed and light on/off settings, monitored and recorded. You can change the settings to suit the light conditions without attending onsite - or we can do it for you. Customers can be provided with real-time web portal access to Prolectric’s Remote Monitoring Service and we also provide a daily monitoring and control service to optimise the performance of each unit. Regular reports can be provided to track performance and carbon saved compared to conventional alternatives.

Mast Safety System

The Prolectric Automatic Mast Safety System (PAMS) is a fail-safe system that stops a light from being moved with the mast raised, avoiding danger to personnel including inadvertent striking of overhead powerlines. The mast cannot be raised when the handbrake is on and is automatically lowered when the handbrake is released, e.g. before driving away.

Lighting Design Service

Prolectric offers a full lighting design service to ensure you have the optimum temporary lighting configuration for your site.

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