Solar – How much I’ve saved so far

July 17, 2023

Megan Field


With bills being at an all-time high and solar power being the buzz word at the moment we’ve seen a rise in questions on how solar can be key to reducing energy costs.

We caught up with Danielle (one of our satisfied solar customers) and our sales expert Richard in a bid to find out more.

What made you choose solar?

“My partner was the one to mention solar and he’d researched the topic well. I didn’t understand how it worked at first so I was the one who had my doubts. When we reached out to VSL, we found Richard extremely friendly and helpful. He gave us a proposal, explaining it thoroughly and quashing any previous doubts.”

What’s the process to get a solar quote? 

All we need is a copy of your electricity bill. Simple. From that we can show you the layout of the panels, how much you are projected to save and how long the payback is. This is set out by MCS and is measured by your current usage, however, it doesn’t include export so your savings could be even more.

How does solar work?

“Solar panels on the roof convert rays from the sun into electricity; which is then fed into an inverter and either used in the house or stored in a battery. The energy that is stored in the battery can be used in the house later when the sun has set. Once the battery is charged you can export the energy back to the grid and get paid for exporting the excess electricity.”

How much have you saved so far?

“We haven’t had solar for very long, only 4 months since late March and we’ve already noticed massive savings. Our gas and electric bill was just over £200 a month before we got solar installed and I recently got my bill for May and June and it averaged £21 a month. This was due to the savings we had made but also the energy we were able to export. When we bought the solar we added on a power diverter so we could get free hot water so the only gas we used was what we used on the hob.”

What is a power diverter and how does that work? 

“A power diverter is a device that connects to your water cylinder and measures any excess electricity produced by the solar and instead of sending it to the grid, it uses it to heat your hot water using your immersion heater.”

What made you choose VSL?

“What we liked about VSL was how friendly Richard was. He took time to answer all my questions and helped us come to the right decision for us. We also looked at the reviews on Trustpilot which helped us cement our decision. Another factor was wanting to export our excess electricity so we needed an MCS registered company, which VSL are. Something we didn’t realise was a requirement until we spoke to Richard.”

Would you recommend solar to anyone that may be contemplating it?

 “100% yes. The savings we’ve made make it a no-brainer. Although I’d recommend people check the reviews and only use an MCS accredited company.”

If you want to know more about having solar fitted call us on 01302 965325 or email us at renewables@vsluk.com

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